How Often Should I Worm?

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Worming treatments don't offer long term protection so it's an aspect of their health that you really should keep on top of, if you want to protect your pet, and your family.

Experts recommend that you worm your pet at least four times a year,* however certain pets may require worming more regularly. Check out our assessment to find out what’s recommended for your pet or talk to your vet – there are lots of factors that affect it from age to tendency to scavenge. It’s important to get it right.

Did you know...

Don't forget that some parasites, such as tapeworm, are transmitted by fleas so do make sure you use an effective flea treatment regularly too. If you don't control a flea problem at the same time as worming, cats in particular are almost certain to be re-infected.

*Worm Control In Dogs and Cats ESCCAP Guideline 01 Third Edition July 2017.

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