Protect Your Family

There is no reason why you and your pet cannot live healthily together, just ensure you, and other members of the family, follow some common sense rules:

  • Wash your hands after stroking your pet - it’s coat may contain worm eggs
  • Wash your hands after touching soil, sand, raw meat, litter trays, pet faeces or vomit
  • Don’t kiss your pet or let your pet lick your face (or an open wound)
  • Don’t allow children to put dirt, soil or sand in their mouths or food that has fallen on the floor or the ground – even if it was picked up quickly
  • Clean out litter trays daily (and ask someone else to do this if you are pregnant)
  • Remove your pet's faeces from the lawn or other outdoor space every day
  • Cover your children's sandpits and play areas when not in use
  • Ensure your pet isn't able to hunt rodents, or eat raw meat
  • Use an effective flea control
  • Take your pet to the vet every year to be checked
  • Worm your pet regularly – even the most effective worming treatments don't offer long term protection so it's important to treat your pet a minimum of 4 year times a year and many pets will require monthly worming.
Wash your hands Dont't kiss your pet Remove your pet's faeces

Paws for Thought

People with weakened immune systems, the elderly, pregnant women and young children are at increased risk of picking up a worm infection so should take particular heed of this advice.

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