Signs of worms

Your pet is likely to be exposed to all kinds of worms on a daily basis and can easily pick them up without you knowing. Many pets don’t even display any obvious symptoms that might make you wonder.

Signs of worms

To help you play detective, here we list some of the common signs that indicate your pet may be infected. Of course, a lot of these could have different causes but it is worth talking to your vet if you have suspicions that worms may be to blame...

  • 'scooting' – whereby the animal drags it’s bottom along the carpet
  • vomiting*
  • diarrhoea*
  • smelly stools*
  • a dull, lifeless coat
  • loss of appetite
  • lack of energy
  • a pot bellied appearance – particularly in puppies and kittens
  • breathing difficulties/heaving
  • any general changes in behaviour

*if you look closely you can sometimes see worms in faeces or vomit

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